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Plexiglas® truLED, Dual Colour Sheet, Sterling Sheet, XT Resist, Satin ice, Endlighten, Acrylic Sheet - Plastral your one stop supplier for all your requirements.

Plastral is one of Australia and New Zealand's oldest established importer, supplier and distributor of clear acrylic & plastic sheet products. Servicing many sectors of industry as clear acrylic sheet suppliers including building and construction, signage, noise control, aquarium, general fabrication, engineering and chemical applications, Plastral offers comprehensive products and technical knowledge in selecting the ideal product for your area of application.

Plastral has warehouses and distribution centres in all the major cities around Australia and New Zealand.

Plexiglas truLED®

PLEXIGLAS truLED® product range offers ideal properties especially for backlighting with LEDs, such as maximum transmission and optimum light diffusion. These properties allow brighter images and avoid undesired hot spots or fluctuations in luminance, even in ultraslim illuminated signs.

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Plexiglas® Dual Colour Sheet

PLEXIGLAS® Dual Colour is used in specialty signage to create a unique design and make your business stand out from the crowd.

PLEXIGLAS® Dual Colour has the appearance of a standard coloured sheet during the daytime, without lighting. Illuminated at night, it becomes a bright, vibrant panel.

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Plexiglas® Sterling Sheet

Plexiglas® Sterling Sheet offers a metallic gloss surface which is a fabrication friendly alternative to metal.

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Plexiglas® XT Resist Sheet

Plexiglas® XT Resist Sheet is an impact modified acrylic sheet combining UV and weather resistance with high impact strength.

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Plexiglas® Reflections - Iridescent

Produces mirror-like reflections and shines in every colour of the rainbow.

Plexiglas® Reflections - Iridescent is a one-sided surface coated Plexiglas®, which uses ambient light to create its own lighting effects, changes its colour depending on the viewing angle.

Suitable for use in

  • displays
  • store fittings
  • tradeshow booths
  • design pieces
  • ... and more!
Plexiglas® Satinice Sheet

PLEXIGLAS SATINICE® is an extremely versatile material for creative interiors and special lighting designs, which combines elegance with functionality. With its velvety surface, it can add striking touches or exude low-key elegance.

At the same time, PLEXIGLAS SATINICE® offers the same excellent properties as all grades of PLEXIGLAS®; qualities such as good formability, low weight and superior mar resistance that have proved their worth for decades in a large number of applications.

PLEXIGLAS SATINICE® owes its outstanding appearance to the special matte satin surface. But this surface does more than just look good. PLEXIGLAS SATINICE® provides elegant and subdued lighting effects or eye-catching touches, like those in demand for advertising purposes.

The excellent properties of PLEXIGLAS SATINICE® come to the fore especially in decorative interior designs.

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Plexiglas® EndLighten Sheet

Plexiglas® EndLighten Sheet  - Enabling construction of slim, compact luminous panels with high light output.

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Commercial Grade Cast Acrylic Sheet

Cast Acrylic Sheet - A complete range of sheet sizes and thicknesses up to 50mm.

Cast Acrylic Sheet is available in clear, opal, white and coloured types.