Buckleys test equipment


Buckleys test equipment: for an effective quality check of every coatings

Buckleys test equipment enable inspectors to check quickly and effectively for porosity, pinholes and other faults in a wide range of non-conductive coatings and linings.

Buckleys products have been extensively used for many years in the petro-chemical, aerospace, pipeline construction and plastic fabrication industries.

AC Testers

PST100 Spark Tester

PST100 Spark Tester Kit

ST AC-100 Spark Tester

DC Testers

PD30 Pinhole Detector

PD40 Pinhole Detector

PD6 Pinhole Detector

PD6 Pinhole Detector

Leak Detection

PD30 Roofing Test Kit

PD40 Roofing Test Kit

Wet Roof Pro Kit