When it comes to business and crafting a recognisable brand, the signage industry is at the forefront of design, innovation and creativity. And as the demands to construct long lasting, durable and outstanding signage increase, so too does the technology and material choice that signage creators have at their fingertips.

Here are four products the signage industry needs to know about and how they can be used.


Half the weight of glass and with up to 11 times the impact resistance, PLEXIGLAS® offers the perfect solution (for encasing hard copy signs, but its potential isn’t just limited to coatings.) all forms of signage application.

With extreme weather resistance and ease of care, it’s a suitable solution for all outdoor and interior signage applications.

Available in clear sheets, opal, coloured, (panels,) frosted, satin and even mirrored and textured finishes, PLEXIGLAS® has been a signage industry staple for years. (It is also available in rods, tubes and blocks and) It offers a lightweight but durable solution for lit signage, printed images or sign covers, and comes in a variety of thicknesses. The recent introduction of PLEXIGLAS ® LED grades provides additional opportunities for transparent slimline illumination, also edge lit and dual colour application.

PVC foam – Simona®

Easily painted, printed upon and fabricated, rigid PVC foam is available in a range of colours and thicknesses that make it ideal for the signage industry. It can be used to cut letters, graphics and logos and is lightweight but durable.

Common uses include store displays, event signage, hoardings, menu boards, exhibition panels and advertising signage.

With a satin-smooth finish, Simona® offers excellent weatherability, good printability, and low flammability. It comes in an ultra light variety; colours (including blue, yellow, green, grey, red, and black;) and specialty sheeting for direct digital printing.

Aluminium composite panel

Designed specifically for the signage industry, aluminium composite panel is suited to a variety of signage, display and digital printing requirements. Emerging as the product of choice for the signage industry, it offers durability along with ease of use.

Panels come in a vast range of sheet sizes and colours and are double-sided with a polyethylene core. It is suitable for exterior and interior use and can be printed upon.

Polycarbonate sheets – MAKROLON ®

For harsh and high risk environments where signage needs to stand the test of time, MAKROLON ® polycarbonate sheets (like Makrolon®) offer an extensive range of opportunities for not only signage, but also glazing and security applications (excellent alternative to glass.) MAKROLON ®(Makrolon®) Sheet UV is virtually unbreakable with 250 times the impact strength of float glass and 30 times that of acrylic.

Also available in abrasion resistant (AR), bullet resistant (BR) and containment (CG) grades

(Available in clear, diffuser opal and grey tint, it has a polished surface, high transparency, and UV resistance, making it suitable for signage applications like publicity columns, elevated sign masts and other harsh environment installations. )  

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