Fighting the spread of Coronavirus globally with PLEXIGLAS® Acrylic

Transparent protective screens made from PLEXIGLAS® clear acrylic sheet are being rolled out globally across retail chains, pharmacies and other public facing sectors in a bid to protect teams and their customers from the further spread of Coronavirus.  

PLEXIGLAS® protective screens and sneeze guards help ensure the required distance between workers and their customers, lowering the risk of infection through airborne droplets.  The crystal clear, translucent acrylic sheet ensures minimal disruption to service, visibility or aesthetics, and comes with a 30 year no yellowing guarantee.   

See just some of the ways businesses around the globe are using PLEXIGLAS® clear acrylic sheet protective screens and sneeze guards below.


Plexiglas clear acrylic sneeze guards austrlalian retailers


Plexiglas clear acrylic cashier screen USA

Plexiglas clear acrylic screens publix USA


Plexiglas clear acrylic check out screens canada


Plexiglas clear acrylic screens france

PLEXIGLAS® is unarguably the leader in Acrylic innovation globally.

Plastral is Australia and New Zealand’s exclusive distributor of PLEXIGLAS® acrylic sheets available in range of products to meet your specific application needs. 

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