Acrylic Adhesive

ACRIFIX® Acrylic Adhesive (Acrylic Glue)

For a perfect union of PLEXIGLAS® and other acrylic sheets, our ACRIFIX® acrylic adhesives offer a complete range of bonding systems. For the DIY customers, these acrylic adhesives will often be referred to as acrylic glue.

PLEXIGLAS® acrylic can be joined by a variety of methods. A distinction is made between permanent and non-permanent mechanical joints. The joining method best suited to the application depends on the given requirements. The most common method for permanent joints is bonding. Bonding adhesives are the only permanent joining solution you should use for acrylic, as it becomes as strong as the acrylic itself, and does not create a weak spot sensitive to breaking at the join of the 2 sheets.

ACRIFIX® acrylic glue is therefore the only adhesive solution for every permanent joining application, always providing a perfect union between each piece of acrylic.

ACRIFIX® Acrylic Adhesive Video

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