Wet Roof Pro – Leak Detector Kit

Find flat roof leaks in wet conditions

The Buckleys Wet Roof Leak Detector Kit has been specially designed to find leaks in flat roofs. The equipment is suitable for use on hot melt, asphalt and single ply roofing membranes providing the surface is sufficiently soaked.

The system uses the ‘vector-mapping’ or ‘earth leakage’ method of locating faults. The conductive properties of water (from either rainfall or a hose) provide a medium through which electrical current can flow, allowing the user to pinpoint leaks. 

The system incorporates a pulse generator together with a receiver/detector unit, earth leads and connecting leads.  The generator unit creates an electrical field across the roof surface via a ‘boundary wire’ which is positioned around the perimeter of the test aria and connected to the positive terminal on the generator unit.  The negative terminal is connected to a suitable earth on the building’s structure. 

Two test probes (poles) are supplied, each in three sections, which can be put together easily on site. Holding these in contact with the roof surface, connected to the detector, leaks can be identified.  Leaks in the roof membrane allow water to penetrate to the building’s structure; creating a short circuit. By measuring the voltage differential between the test probes, the detector unit is able to direct the operator to the location of the leak.

Buckley’s Roof Leak Detector Kit contents:

The kit contains all of the items required to carry out the testing process.

  • Generator unit
  • Detector unit
  • 10m earth lead
  • 10m ring lead
  • 2 x multi-section test probes
  • Reel with 200m of stainless steel wire
  • Red and black connecting lead
  • Battery charger and batteries 
  • Black canvas carrying bag for generator unit
  • Adjustable black neck strap for detector unit
  • Comprehensive instruction manual 
  • Complete in robust carry case 


  •  Easy to set up and use
  •  Lightweight
  •  Membrane keypad operation
  •  Microprocessor controlled
  •  Audible alarm
  •  Clear LCD displays
  •  Auto shutdown
  •  One year ‘back-to-base’ warranty
For further information or to speak to a Plastral representative about this product, please contact us here.