Celuka Foamed PVC

Celuka Foamed PVC: Signage Solution

Celuka PVC Foam is a rigid expanded foamed PVC sheet with a smooth gloss hardened finish on both sides.  It is also often referred to and known as Rigid PVC Foam Sheet.    Celuka Foamed PVC / Rigid PVC foam sheets can be easily painted, printed and fabricated and are available in different thicknesses and colours.

Celuka Foamed PVC Sheet has a light weight cellular structure making it easy to handle and fabricate. 

Like other Foamed PVC sheet, Celuka is ideal for model making, building and construction as well as trade shows and exhibitions, thanks to its weight and easy of fabrication.   You can find out more about other PVC Foam Sheeting from the Plastral range here.

Celuka Foamed PVC is ideally suited to signage substrates and decorative applications including graphics, signage, exhibition and building industries.

Available in a range of colours and sheet sizes, the Plastral range of foamed pvc is a range of choice for Australia’s leading sign makers.   Colours available include white, black, grey, dark grey, green, light yellow and dark yellow.

Foamed PVC Sheet Applications

  • Signage            
  • Printing
  • Display and exhibition boards
  • Interior Fit outs
  • Trade Shows
  • Exhibitions
  • Dividers and partitioning
  • Bulletin boards
  • Cool rooms
  • Caravans and boats

Foamed PVC Properties

  • Lightweight
  • Water resistant
  • Fire retardant
  • Excellent weatherability
  • Very good printability (digital and screen printing)

 For further information on any of the Plastral PVC Foam range or other plastic sheet, welding and chemical products, you can speak to a Plastral representative by contacting us here.