Leister Blowers


Leister Blowers: durable and maintenance-free

Leister has been the leading manufacturer plastic welding tools, process heat equipment and industrial blower for over 65 years.
All tools are manufactured to the traditionally high Swiss quality.
A comprehensive range of hot air welding tools and accessories provide the equipment most professional fabricators prefer.
Plastral’s factory trained staff can assist in your choice of tool to suit your application.
Plastral distributes a comprehensive range of Leister plastic welding products throughout Australia.
The products we distribute are supported by our factory trained specialists, providing technical and application support. The staff in our service department are factory trained to ensure that all products can be maintained and repaired to the manufacturer’s expectations and specifications.

Plastral is proud of being the first agent world wide appointed by Leister to distribute their range of plastic welding tools. Over half a century later we are still going strong.

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