Leister DIODE S | Plastic Welding Tool


Leister DIODE S | Plastic Welding Tool

The Leister DIODE S easily puts you in control with its manual temperature knob.

  • Operated with either MINOR or ROBUST blower.
  • Can also be operated with compressed air.
  • Suitable for field applications when used with a Leister MINOR blower.
  • Includes cooled heating element tube.

The Leister DIODE S is a lightweight yet extremely powerful plastic welding tool.  Thanks to its ergonomic design, it can be used for a wide-range of welding and fabrication applications.    Compact in size, the Leister DODE S is also ideal for precise work and wire welding. 

No matter how rough the site conditions may be, this handy tool will provide high-quality welding with minimal effort.

The Lister DIODE S can be operated with either a MINOR or ROBUST Leister blower, as well as with compressed air, depending on the type of work required.  The Leister MINOR blower is highly suitable for field applications.  Even when working within difficult site conditions. 

Get the right tool for your job.  The DIODE S manual knob mechanism allows you to control the welding temperature while, its closed loop version, the DIODE PID, provides users with the perfect temperature at all times. The DIODE PID can be digitally controlled by users with the help of its temperature display.

The safety of the tool is guaranteed by an active cooling mechanism.  This prevents the heating element from getting overheated which adds to it’s reliability and robust design.  In addition to this, the optimum performance and power output is ensured by easy-to-clean air filters.

Leister DIODE S Plastic Welding Tool | Key Features & Benefits

The handy tool comes with the following features:

  • Available in both S and PID and 230V, 1600W for snap-fit nozzles
  • Low weight and easy to handle
  • Robust and user-friendly design
  • Digital mechanism to control and display temperature (DIODE PID)
  • Manual knob to control temperature (DIODE S)
  • Compatible with Leister MINOR or ROBUST blower
  • Suitable for diverse field applications
  • Easy-to-clean air filters
  • 100% Swiss made

Leister DIODE S Plastic Welding Tool | Applications

Leister DIODE S provides the following applications:

  • Plastic Fabrication

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