Fusion 3C

Leister Fusion 3C / 3C 5MM | Extrusion Welder


Leister Fusion 3C / 3C 5MM is a high-performance plastic extrusion welding gun capable of providing an incredible 8 lbs. an hour output volume.

Leister Fusion 3C is just another product of the Leister Fusion series known for its versatility, ergonomic design, innovative features and user-friendly operation. Being equipped with the latest technology, the plastic extrusion welding gun is incredibly simple yet astoundingly functional, thanks to its smart, handy and robust design.

To provide wide-ranging applications, the Leister Fusion 3C comes in 3-4 mm and 4-5 mm welding rod sizes. The welding shoe on this extrusion welder is not fixed and can be rotated a full 360 degrees to make it easier and more functional to use.

The astonishing output volume of 8 lbs. per hour makes sure that the machine provides the best quality of welding possible. Sophisticated electronics onboard helps prevent cold start of the motor with a technology known as cold-start-protection, hence, avoiding any harm to the motor as well as minimising the risk of its breakdown.

The wire intake is dual-sided and twist-free, which makes the device extremely easy to use. The plastic extrusion welder is also capable of adjusting preheating temperature as well as output volume to make sure the user get the best welding quality.

Plastic Extrusion Welding Gun Key Features & Benefits

Leister Fusion 3C / 3C 5MM comes with the following features:

  • Available in 230V/2800W
  • Available in a 3C 5mm version
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Robust and handy design
  • Up to 8 lbs. per hour output
  • Both sides twist-free wire intake
  • Welding shoe rotatable at 360 degree
  • Cold start prevention
  • Preheating temperature and output volume adjustment
  • 100% Swiss made

Plastic Extrusion Welding Gun Applications

Leister Fusion 3C / 3C 5MM comes with the following applications:

  • Plastic Fabrication
  • Extrusion Welding

Leister Fusion 3C Video

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