GHIBLI AW | Hot Air Gun

Leister GHIBLI AW | Hot Air Welder


The Leister GHIBLI AW is an ergonomic and robust hot air welding tool designed for plastics for a variety of welding and and fabrication applications.

From de-burring plastic parts to lap welding of truck sheeting to heating and forming in the vehicles manufacturing industry, and shrinking applications in the cable industry, the GHIBLI AW is the best heat gun for you.

Leister GHIBLI AW comes with an intuitive and innovative “e-Drive” operating unit.  So you can inspect and adjust the temperature and the air volume of the heat gun.  Its perfect balance with the two-component frame work to ensure an ideal grip for comfortable use.  Known for it’s outstanding design, the Leister heat gun can be operated by anyone, even under unfavourable conditions.

The GHIBLI AW allows users to work without fatigue thanks to its use of a stand and integrated suspension lug. The stand and suspension help users place the tool in the optimum working position. This brilliant mechanism is one of the reasons why the GHIBLI AW is hailed the best heat gun in the market.

Located on either side of the Leister heat gun, the air filters are easily removed for easy cleaning. 

In addition to this, the Leister heat gun is compatible with all of the nozzles from it’s earlier model, for your convenience. 

Leister GHIBLI AW Hot Air Welder | Key Features & Benefits

  • Available in 230V/2300W
  • Robust and handy, suitable for variety of applications
  • Easy-to-grip, two-component handle
  • Ergonomic and user-friendly design
  • Five-stage air volume control mechanism
  • Intuitive digital temperature control mechanism
  • “e-Drive” operating unit, making it the best heat gun to use
  • Comes with transport case and stand
  • Compatible with all predecessor’s nozzles
  • Easy-to-clean air filters
  • 100% Swiss made


  • De-burring plastic parts
  • Lap welding of truck sheeting
  • Vehicles manufacturing industry – Heating and Forming
  • Cable Industry Shrinking Applications

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