Weldplast S4

Leister WELDPLAST S4 | Extrusion Welding Machine

Leister WELDPLAST S4 is an extrusion welding machine suitable for high power welding applications.

Featuring a brushless motor, the compact welding tool is virtually maintenance-free. The motor generates preheated air at an incredibly fast rate, keeping the overall process seamless and highly efficient. The powerful drive system ensures the extrusion welding machine provides a consistent output of 4 kg/hr to cope with even the most demanding of welding jobs.

The WELDPLAST S4 works on a closed loop system, making it easier to monitor and control the operating temperature throughout the process. The machine is equipped with an integrated temperature probe and a large display to show all the parameters during its operation. Thanks to the next generation programming used in it, extruder welding using this equipment requires little to no experience.

One of the most useful features of this marvelous piece of technology is that the temperature regulation, as well as detection, is independent of environmental factors and the fluctuations in the voltage source. The built-in microprocessor regulates the extruder welding process and monitors all the parameters of the tool itself to make sure nothing goes wrong.

The WELDPLAST S4 is designed to be compact and handy in nature. Moreover, due consideration has also been given to the noise reduction and the cooling mechanism of its electronics and drive.

The extruder welding tool also comes in S4 GEO model.

Leister WELDPLAST S4 Extrusion Welding Machine | Key Features & Benefits

The WELDPLAST S4 comes with the following features:

  • Available in 230V/3680W
  • Closed loop process
  • Built-in display
  • Integrated temperature probe
  • Consistent temperature regulation
  • Microprocessor control for monitoring the tool and regulating the process
  • Easy-to-use multifunctional menu
  • Maintenance-free motor
  • Twist-free, dual-sided wire intake
  • Compact, innovative design for minimum noise and optimum cooling
  • 100% Swiss made

Leister WELDPLAST S4 Extrusion Welding Machine | Applications

The WELDPLAST S4 comes with the following applications:

  • Plastic Fabrication
  • Civil Engineering

Leister WELDPLAST S6 Video

This is a video of the ASTRO overlap welder and the S4’s older brother, the WELDPLAST S6, which works in the same manner as the S4.

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