Weldplast S6

Leister WELDPLAST S6 | Hand Extrusion Welder

Leister WELDPLAST S6 is a hand extrusion welder, ideal for high power welding applications.

With a staggering output volume of above 3.9 – 6 kg/hr, the WELDPLAST S6 is the highest rated hand held extrusion welder in the market. Even with its insane output volume, the machine is extremely maneuverable, weighing at 14kg.

Leister WELDPLAST S6 comes with a brushless motor which is maintenance-free, hence making it very easy to maintain. The preheated air blower, comfortable ergo-grip, and multifunctional display make it top-of-the-line extrusion welder from Leister. To make its operation easy and hassle-free, it comes with an adjustable control wheel.

The hand held extrusion welder is designed on a closed-loop process which makes controlling and monitoring the temperature very easy, producing class-leading results. The temperature regulation of the extrusion welder is designed to be flawless, regardless of the external conditions and the fluctuations of the operating voltage.

Controlled by a microprocessor and programmed to work seamlessly, the welder requires little to no experience to operate. The multifunctional display comes in handy to keep the operator informed about the various parameters of the process.

Thanks to the combination of its highly powerful drive system and intricate microprocessor control, the hand held extrusion welder is capable of producing mind-blowing welding results, even in unfavourable site conditions.

Leister WELDPLAST S6 Hand Extrusion Welder | Key Features & Benefits

The WELDPLAST S6 comes with the following features:

  • Available in 230V/5300W
  • Industry leading 3.9 – 6 kg/hr output
  • Maximum preheating capacity
  • Adjustable control wheel
  • No-maintenance hot air blower
  • Built-in display
  • Consistent temperature regulation
  • Microprocessor control for monitoring the tool and regulating the process
  • Easy-to-use multifunctional menu
  • Twist-free, dual-sided wire intake
  • Ideal for working with PE and PP
  • 100% Swiss made

Leister WELDPLAST S6 Hand Extrusion Welder | Applications

The hand held extrusion welder comes with the following applications:

  • Plastic Fabrication
  • Civil Engineering

Leister WELDPLAST S6 Video

This is a video of the ASTRO overlap welder and the WELDPLAST S6.

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