is a robust vinyl floor welder known for its versatility, user-friendliness, and incredible welding speed.

The MINIFLOOR DRIVE UNIT has such a high cost-benefit ratio that even the first four feet of welding makes the investment worthwhile. The vinyl floor welder is extremely versatile and can be easily fitted with a hot air hand tool as well as a range of nozzles so as to suit the job at hand. The handy tool can weld seamlessly even at a distance of 2 inches from the wall, making it ideal to weld around L-skirts and construction pipes.

The vinyl floor heat welding tool weighs just 5.3 kg (12 lbs.). This makes the tool incredibly easy to handle as compared to other welders with comparable performance. To ease the welding process, the equipment comes with interchangeable inserts that can be applied without any hassle.

Leister MINIFLOOR DRIVE UNIT is also equipped with an adjustable startup delay mechanism which allows users to modify its startup speed as per their requirement.
Owing to its compact nature, the vinyl floor heat welding tool requires a minimum clear space of just 12 inches, and so it can be used in confined places. Its robust and ergonomic design allows users to weld at speeds of up to 2 m (6.5 ft.) a minute, which is almost double than that of manual welders.

Leister MINIFLOOR DRIVE UNIT Vinyl Floor Welder | Key Features & BenefitsThe vinyl floor heat welding tool comes with the following features:

• Available in 230V
• Simple to operate
• Compact and lightweight (5.3 kg)
• Easy to transport
• Ergonomic and robust design
• Quick-lock fastening system for easy attachment of the TRIAC range
• Startup delay to adjust initial speed according to need
• Ideal for confined spaces, requiring a clear height of just 12 inches
• Highly versatile to perform various field applications
• Welding speeds of up to 2 m (6.5 ft.) a minute
• Incredibly high cost-benefit ratio
• Unmatched welding results even in unfavourable conditions
• 100% Swiss made

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