PLEXIGLAS® LED | The Ultimate LED Acrylic Lighting Solution

PLEXIGLAS® LED (formerly truLED) for backlighting and side lighting is especially designed for illuminated signs operated with LEDs. The opal grades are adjusted to the wavelength range of white LEDs, providing optimum use of LED light and makes sure not a single ray of light is lost.

The material offers superior light diffusion properties with some grades that also frosted finish, preventing undesirable hot spots or fluctuations in brightness in super-slim advertising signs. This patented technology in PLEXIGLAS® LED enables the production of high-efficient illuminated signs that cut energy costs to a minimum. LEDs and PLEXIGLAS® lighten the load on the environment, being durable, low maintenance, energy efficient and effective. They are a powerfully luminous duo that creates a brilliant appearance, PLEXIGLAS® LED the intelligent material for LEDs.

PLEXIGLAS® LED EndLighten, is another wonderful addition to our LED acrylic sign range that offers something slightly different again. LED EndLighten product provides thin edge lit light box options. This means there is no need for surface treatment to create the effect. PLEXIGLAS® EndLighten is a clear sheet that contains embedded light diffuser particles causing the entire surface to glow when edge lit. The patented light-guiding material distributes light evenly and provides high luminous efficiency.

PLEXIGLAS® LED is also available in a magical LED Dual Colour, which changes colour from black during the day to white when lit up at night. 


The Plexiglas LED range is ideal for any signage and light display applications, including but not limited to:

  • Architecture
  • Displays
  • Feature walls
  • Simple lighting, shelves, shopfitting, signage, transparent partitions etc

Unique Properties

  • Special frosted finish for the ultimate light diffusion solution
  • EndLighten solution for perfect edge lit signage
  • No hotspot technology
  • Colour distribution properties
  • Available in various grades and colours
  • Please also see PLEXIGLAS® LED Dual Colour Here

PLEXIGLAS ® LED Video | The Stairs Light Up

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