PVC Foam Sheet


PVC Foam Sheet: The Perfect Signage Solution

The Plastral range of PVC Foam Sheets that combine low density with ultralight design. All products within this line have a satin-smooth surface finish and offer exceptional versatility when it comes to processing.

Rigid Foam PVC sheet is an extremely versatile substrate suitable for use in graphics and the building industry.

Rigid PVC foam sheets can be easily painted, printed and fabricated and are available in different thicknesses and colours.

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PVC Foam Applications

PVC Foam Sheet is often used in display and exhibition boards, signage, printing, interior fit outs for caravans, boats, partitioning, bulletin boards and cool rooms.

PVC Foam Properties

  • Lightweight
  • Water resistant
  • Fire retardant
  • Excellent weatherability
  • Very good printability (digital and screen printing)

Plastral PVC Foam Sheet Range

PVC Foam Sheet


SIMONA® SIMOPOR-LIGHT combines low density with high rigidity. The lightweight PVC free-foam sheets have excellent processing properties and a particularly attractive surface finish.

SIMONA® SIMOPOR-COLOR  are fully coloured PVC free-foam sheets with a perfectly even surface finish. The sheets are manufactured in the colours blue, yellow, green, grey, red and black – for a host of possibilities in exhibition, sign and display design.

SIMONA® SIMOPOR-DIGITAL is a specialty sheet for digital direct printing – in a brilliant white for more vibrant colours.

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