Sheet Welding

Ritmo Polyfusion: the sheet welding machine

Ritmo Polyfusion range of manual and automatic sheet welding machine are butt fusion machines suitable for welding thermoplastic sheets made of HDPE, PP, PVC, PDF.

The Ritmo Sheet Welder operates to weld horizontally which enables multiple types of welds including circular up to 90 degrees thanks to the available range of accessories. This butt fusion machine is also able to weld twin-wall HDPE and PP sheets.  The maximum weldable plastic thickness for this machine is 3 ÷ 50mm with materials that require a maximum welding pressure not higher than 0.17 N/mm2; Max.  The maximum weldable length possible is 3000mm.

The digital control panel on every Ritmo Polyfusion machine allows you to easily and safely control the settings required for optimal performance across a range of welding processes. Simply input your needs including the type of material and the dimensions of the thermoplastic sheet.

It is possible to pre-set 15 customised welding cycles with every welding cycle is automatically memorised (4000 welding cycles) and it’s possible to save it and transfer the data thanks to an USB storage device.

The Polyfusion sheet welding machine comes in eight sizes with varying capabilities and specifications. You can view them all here.

Ritmo is the butt fusion technology made in Italy.  The range includes trusted pipe welding and sheet welding equipment.

Plastral is the Australian agent for the Ritmo range of butt fusion machines.  Get in touch via the below contact details to speak to a representative or book a demonstration today.