Tapemat Spriegel 100/125mm

Leister Tapemat Spriegel Tarpaulin welding machine 100/125mm

The power pack for fast and economic welding of tarpaulin bows for lorrys. With its top speed of up to 20 m/min the Leister Tapemat Spriegel is the fastest tarpaulin bow welding machine in the world, an investment, which already pays off after shortest time!

The Tapemat Spriegel is designed and optimised for maximum performance, speed and user comfort. 

The stand out design features of the tarpaulin welding machine are its powerful drive motor that deliver for top welding speeds.  Speed is impacted by the usability as well which is why it also designed with the user, ergonomics and easy operation set up in mind. 

The well arranged operating unit offers simple control of the relevant welding parameters speed and temperature. Its process-optimised nozzle makes the weld quality stand apart from the other fabric welders available in the market, as does the tension brake disc which ensures constant tension when rolling off the strap.

The innovative design of the welder makes it easy to handle with specially design ergonomic, back-protecting guide bar to limit user fatigue.  The principles of design ergonomics are strictly followed in its manufacturing process, so are those of safety and durability to make sure the equipment lasts a life time. Moreover, its maintenance-free hot air blower makes it very economical to maintain.

Tapemat Spriegel Tarpaulin Welding Machine | Key Features & Benefits

  • Powerful motors for the fastest welding speed ever
  • Process-optimised high-precision nozzle
  • The guide roller holds the Tapemat Spriegel on course
  • Extra weights for more pressure and a perfect welding quality
  • The sturdy hot air nozzle guarantees perfect welding quality
  • Maintenance-free, brushless blower
  • Easy to exchange counter-pressure roller
  • Constant tarpaulin bow tension

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