Plastic Welding

Plastic welding has advanced significantly from its very early beginnings 70 years ago. The advantage of plastic welding is that the welded bond forms a very strong, leak proof seal and many different items can be fabricated.
Over the years the applications for plastic welded fabricated products have expanded enormously into now very well-established industry sectors, such as:
Fabrication of tanks for mining , water processing , aquaculture , agriculture Liquid processing tanks Boat and marine construction Equine and wet areas as well as stable doors and fit out Waterproofing & GEO membranes for tunnelling , dam water retention ,landfill and construction Flooring and roofing Building, construction and cable housings Plastic and PVC sheet for tarpaulins, swimming pools, truck curtains etc.,
The range of specialized hand tools for plastic welding is extensive and machines are more advanced than ever before.
Plastral is the exclusive agent and distributor for Leister products in Australia for more than 60 years. Leister is a global leader in its field with top quality products. For the quality of the plastic welding finish, aspects such as knowledge , experience and the quality of the hand tool all make a critical difference. This is where Plastral can play an important role in bringing these areas together with our vast experience and knowledge of servicing the Australian industry for many decades.


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