PVDF Sheets & Rods

Simona PVDF Sheets & Rods: Partially Fluorinated High-Performance Plastic Sheet

Simona PVDF Sheets are a partially fluorinated high-performance plastic sheet that can be deployed at temperatures ranging from -30 °C to +140 °C; it is resistant to the majority of organic and inorganic media.

PVDF Applications

Most of PVDF Sheet in Australian Industry and manufacturing is used in Chemical tank and equipment construction. More broadly, the different forms of PVDF, including polymers, rod and tube are used in power and electrical engineering, laboratory engineering, food industry, environmental technology, lining and composite construction.

The Simona PVDF range of products comes in sheets, rods and welding rods.

PVDF Properties

  • High-performance material
  • FM 4910 low flammability
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Exceptionally good ageing resistance
  • High rigidity

Simona PVDF Information Table

Product Technical Data Sheet Safety data sheet
PVDF-SK Natural-Polyester Backed PVDF TDS PVDF SDS


Simona Introduction Video

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