Horse Stable Sheet Materials

Horse Stable Sheet Materials

To build a horse stable, you need the strongest and the most robust material that will also last a long time and require as little maintenance as possible whilst being economical.

At Plastral, we have specifically chosen and imported SIMONA® materials readily available in a variety of specifications and colours, that are exactly meant for horse stable. They not only wear better than any other horse stable material out there, but they also make your stable look great and cost less.

SIMONA® PE Foam Board is a unique thermoplastic alternative to traditional timber or rubber construction materials. This versatile material is virtually indestructible, lightweight, weatherproof and rust-, chemical- and mould-resistant.

SIMONA® PE 100 Black/Natural HDPE is UV stabilised, with high strength and rigidity, besides being extremely versatile.

POLYGRAIN®, made out of HDPE by SIMONA® is a tough UV-resistant material that withstands long term exposure to intense sun, salt water and cleaning products.

All these materials have overlapping features to make your horse stable stronger and more economical in the long run. Please download the brochure for more detailed and technical information and contact our sales team to find the best solution for you.