UHMWPE Sheets & Rods

Simona UHMWPE Sheets & Rods


Simona UHMWPE sheets are an Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene, premium plastic product offering an extremely high level of wear and abrasion resistance to metals and other materials. This is primarily thanks to the low coefficient of friction properties. What is more, the temperature range for products within this category is very high, between -260 °C and +80 °C.

UHMWPE Applications

The Product Group is PE 1000. PE 1000 plastics are high grade engineering plastics and ideal for machined components which are subject to high demands, featuring high abrasion resistance and wear resistance. This functionality of Simona UHMWPE Sheets are complemented by excellent mechanical properties.

UHMWPE Properties

Simona UHMWPE Sheets have various attractive engineering properties including:

  • Ultra-high molecular weight
  • High wear resistance
  • Very high abrasion resistance
  • Very high impact strength

This product range includes UHMWPE Sheets and UHMWPE Rods and includes several highly cost-effective regrind products.

UHMWPE Downloads Table

Product TDS Safety data sheet
PE1000 Natural and Green PE1000 TDS PE1000_SDS
PE1000 AST Black PE1000 AST TDS PE1000 AST SDS
PE1000 superlining Blue PE1000 superlining TDS PE1000 superlining SDS
PE55 Black PE 55 TDS PE 55 SDS


Simona Introduction Video

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