PLEXIGLAS® Acrylic Rods & Tubes


PLEXIGLAS® Rods & Tubes | For Clear Acrylic & LED Display

PLEXIGLAS® XT Acrylic Rods & Tubes 
These special acrylic rods and tubes are the clearest extruded tubes on the market today, delivering brilliant quality, superior performance, and durability. PLEXIGLAS® XT rods and tubes are characterised by their flawless optics, and perfectly smooth surface free of striations. Coloured extruded PLEXIGLAS® XT rods and tubes are also available and if additional impact strength is required they can be produced with our acrylic impact modified polymer.

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These Rods are made of casted semi-finished products. The rods have polished surfaces.

Create impressive lighting effects by end lighting our PLEXIGLAS® LED rods.

PLEXIGLAS® Satinice Tubes
White or frosted satin surface finishes provide excellent diffused light creating a velvety nonglare surface. High-quality, design-orientated applications within the architectural lighting industry can be easily created.

Acrylic Rods & Tubes Applications

  • – Architectural interior and exterior lighting
  • – Contemporary furniture
  • – Luxury brand merchandising
  • – Store fixtures
  • – P.O.P and trade show displays
  • – Industrial pneumatic delivery and conveying systems
  • – Decorative architectural features

PLEXIGLAS® Acrylic Rods & Tubes Unique Properties

  • – LED lighting distribution – LED Rods
  • – Ultra clear
  • – Premium Quality
  • – Durability second-to-none, including impact strength

PLEXIGLAS® Acrylic LED Rods & Tubes Video (@ 06:10 minutes)

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