Simona PVC Sheets & Rods


Simona Rigid PVC Sheets & Rods: Quality PVC with High Strength & Stiffness

Simona PVC Sheet is world renowned for quality and durability. Plastral are the exclusive Simona ANZ Distributors.

Simona PVC Sheets comes in a range of different grade types outlined below. The 2 primary grades are:

  • PVC-CAW (PVC-U); and
  • PVC-C (Corzan)
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Simona PCV-CAW (PVC-U)

This material offers a very high strength and stiffness. It’s temperature range is between 0 °C to +60 °C, and displays good resistance when exposed to organic and inorganic chemicals as well as oxidising media.

Simona PVC Sheet – PVC-CAW – Properties

  • Proven material made of PVC-U
  • Proven track record in tank and chemical equipment construction, including grease traps
  • Chemical resistance
  • High rigidity
  • UV-stabilised and weather resistant (PVC-CAW-UV)
  • Extensive standard range of products


This material is an industrial Grade post-chlorinated PVC. Owing to its increased chlorine content, Simona PVC-C offers outstanding chemical resistance, particularly to acids, alkalis and salts. As a result, it is a perfect choice for applications associated with the chemical process industry for chlorine electrolysis, in electroplating and in the paper industry. The temperature range is  from -40°C to +95°C. PVC-C CORZAN FM 4910 and PVC-C CORZAN FM 4910 G2 are post-chlorinated, low-flammability PVCs listed by Factory Mutual (FM) for increased fire protection. They are used in the semiconductors industry and clean-room technology.

Simona PVC-C Properties

  • Post-chlorinated PVC
  • Low flammability (PVC-C CORZAN FM 4910 G2) certified in accordance with FM 4910
  • High chemical resistance
  • Excellent impact strength
  • Very good processing characteristics
  • High dimensional stability under heat

*Simona PVC range of products also includes Sheets, Rods and Welding Rods.

Simona PVC Sheet Downloads Table

Product Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Dheet
PVC-Swiss Grey NA NA
PVC-C Corzan FM 4910 G2 PVC-C 4910 TDS PVC-C 4910 SDS

Simona PVC Introduction Video

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