Playground Material

HDPE Playground Material by Simona

HDPE Playground Material by Simona
 is an outstanding outdoor performing material, also featuring a wide range of brilliant colours, making it the playground material of choice in the ANZ region.

Being a High Density Polyethylene, it is naturally long term wear resistant, impact resistant, durable, UV and weather resistant and is easy to fabricate. The beautiful range of Polytone and Monotone colour combinations is the key feature in this range that renders it the product of choice for internal or external playgrounds. This includes children’s playgrounds, interior restaurant playgrounds, and also gym equipment, park fitness equipment and other areas that require a robust playground material.

This product has been approved by the some of the world’s largest household brands as their playground material of choice.

Unlike plywood and other timber products that are porous in nature, Simona HDPE playground will not delaminate, splinter or rot. The integral colour of these sheets also hides any scratching and marring that can often tarnish painted surfaces. Its stain resistant, easy to clean matte surface further ensures long lasting appearance and functionality.

HDPE Playground material maintains exceptional flatness and dimensional stability for high production yields and finished part quality. The material works well with woodworking equipment and plastic fabricators will find pleasure in the product’s advantages, especially in the thicker gauges for large flat, formed or machined panels.

Simona HDPE Polytone Applications

  • Playground equipment
  • Other playground material
  • Outdoor material
  • Park fitness equipment material
  • Outdoor fitness equipment
  • Playground structures
  • Outdoor furniture and cabinetry
  • Sports equipment storage units
  • Storage sheds and shed doors
  • Partitions
  • Basketball backboards
  • Recreational signage

Simona HDPE Polytone Properties

  • UV Resistant
  • Impact resistant
  • Highly durable – will not rot, splinter or delaminate
  • Easy to fabricate, machines like timber sheet
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Excellent screw retention
  • Solid colour throughout / No painting required
  • Maintenance free, easy to clean
  • Can be cut on site without OH&S issues

The Simona HDPE Polytone Playground Material comes in a range of sheet colour sizes and configurations. Please download the brochure below to see all information!

Video – HDPE Polytone Playground routed into Simona sign.