PLEXIGLAS® Others Sheets

Speciality Acrylic Sheets by PLEXIGLAS®

Below is our range of specialty sheets made to order for large projects. 

PLEXIGLAS® Clear Blocks

PLEXIGLAS® Clear Blocks have excellent light transmission and brilliance. With their high weather resistance and ease of fabrication, PLEXIGLAS® Blocks are perfect for aquarium and swimming pool glazing, architectural features and furniture constructions.

PLEXIGLAS® Corrugated Sheets

PLEXIGLAS® Corrugated Sheets come in a range of grades. They are tough, easy to machine and install with guaranteed weather resistance. PLEXIGLAS® Heatstop Corrugated Sheets are heat reflecting and keep it pleasantly cool underneath its surface. PLEXIGLAS® Resist Corrugated Sheets are impact resistant and are GUARANTEED hail-resistant.

PLEXIGLAS® Fluorescent Sheet

PLEXIGLAS® Fluorescent Sheet has a brilliant range of colours designed to arrest the eye in display and exhibition features.


PLEXIGLAS® mineral is a modern mineral filled acrylic sheet whose attractive large sheet sizes open up new possibilities indoors and outdoors. The sheets have a “ready to install” surface (gloss one side, matte the other side) protected with tough PE masking. The sheets can be thermoformed and seamlessly bonded. Popular applications are indoor/outdoor wall panelling, back-ventilated curtain facades, shelving, platforms, décor and furniture in bathrooms and spas.


PLEXIGLAS® Multi-Skin sheets are guaranteed weather-resistant, easy to install, heat-protective, hail-resistant, high light transmitting, tough, isolating – in and around the house. The PLEXIGLAS® Alltop is all around water-dispersing with the highest light-transmission. The PLEXIGLAS® Heatstop is heat reflecting and keeps the temperature underneath up to 75% lower than under transparent double glazing. The PLEXIGLAS® Heatstop Resist is highly impact resistant to defy hail, storm and ice. PLEXIGLAS® XT Heatstop both solid and multi-wall sheets reduce the heat build-up indoors and cutting air conditioning costs.

PLEXIGLAS® Alltop Video – Acrylic Sheets For Greenhouses

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