PLEXIGLAS ® Resist | Multi-Purpose Strong Acrylic Sheet


PLEXIGLAS ® Resist | Strong Acrylic Sheet For Multiple Applications

PLEXIGLAS ® Resist is a strong, multipurpose acrylic sheet. They’re made from high-quality, solid plastic sheets extruded from impact-modified acrylic (PMMA). They combine the excellent product properties of PLEXIGLAS® with the toughness of polycarbonate.

Instead of having to choose between weather resistant OR tough, PLEXIGLAS® Resist offers you a product that is both weather resistant AND tough. The unique combination of excellent mechanical, thermal and chemical properties, makes PLEXIGLAS® Resist a highly versatile, extremely reliable material.

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PLEXIGLAS ® Resist Applications

PLEXIGLAS ® Resist Strong Acrylic Sheet is used in many applications requiring a tough, clear material, including:

  • – Acrylic outdoor patio roofing
  • – Acrylic protective glazing
  • – Acrylic structural glazing outdoors
  • – Acrylic partitions
  • – Acrylic protective screens
  • – Acrylic glazing for shop fittings and counters.

PLEXIGLAS ® Resist Unique Properties

  • – Impact modified acrylic for extra strength and durability
  • – UV and weather resistant
  • – Extruded

PLEXIGLAS® Resist Video – Acrylic Roofing Strength Test

*Please see from 3:00 min the safety strength test.

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