PLEXIGLAS® Dual Colour

PLEXIGLAS ® Dual Colour LED Acrylic Sign

PLEXIGLAS ® Dual Colour LED Acrylic Signs are a specialty grade LED sign made from Acrylic that is dark grey-black during the day, but then white at night when back-lit with LED’s.

The material creates an extremely unique design to make any business stand out from the crowd, given it has the appearance of a standard coloured sheet during the day, but when Illuminated at night, it becomes a bright, vibrant panel.

PLEXIGLAS ® Dual Colour LED Acrylic comes in sheet form and can be easily moulded into shape using normal processes.


These LED Acrylic sheets are used in the signage industry, but could also be used with specific architectural purposes.

 Unique Properties

  • Changes colour from black during the day, to white at night when back lit.


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