Polycarbonate Sheets


Makrolon® Polycarbonate Sheets

Makrolon® Polycarbonate Sheets combine UV stability with superior impact resistance. Polycarbonate sheets are resilient against most physical attacks, making it ideal for use in harsh environments such as security and custodial areas where mechanical and physical impacts are common.

The Makrolon® Polycarbonate Range

Makrolon® UV2

Makrolon® UV polycarbonate sheet is an enhanced UV-resistant sheet with exceptional weatherability and high impact strength. Available in clear as well as a variety of colors, UV is the perfect choice for architectural applications where extended service life and resistance to color shift is required. Makrolon® UV polycarbonate sheet is easily thermoformed, fabricated, and decorated. This performance is backed by a 10-year limited warranty against breakage, excessive yellowing, and loss of light transmission.

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Makrolon® AR Abrasion Resist

Makrolon® AR abrasion resistant polycarbonate sheet offers high abrasion resistance and surface hardness to polycarbonate’s inherent performance benefits of impact, strength and clarity. Backed by a seven year limited warranty against breakage and loss of light transmission, Makrolon® AR abrasion resistant polycarbonate sheet features a proprietary hardcoat technology that offers protection against chemical and UV attack. Over its lifecycle, this results in a significant reduction in maintenance cost and liability risk versus that of other glazing materials. 

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Makrolon® Hygard

Increasing terrorism, violent crime, and readily available weapons have created a need for higher performing glazing materials. Covestro  has developed our Hygard® Laminates to address the increasing level of threat. Consisting of multiple layers of polycarbonate or polycarbonate/acrylic sheets, we have glazing solutions for multiple ballistic and sequential attack ratings criteria. Hygard® is protected on the surface by Makrolon® AR hard-coat technology, assuring long-lasting surface clarity, resistance to chemical attack, abrasion resistance, and yellowing. Performance unsurpassed by glass and glass-clad polycarbonate products is seen in a wide variety of glazing applications where security and containment are critical. Take a look around and see what our Hygard® products can do for you!

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Polycarbonate Applications

Polycarbonate is widely used in industrial applications, as well as architectural. These applications include:

  • – Forestry Machinery
  • – Balcony Guards
  • – Security Screen Protection
  • – Personal Protection Shields
  • – Lighting Fixtures
  • – Luminair Covers
  • – Wall and Door Partitions.

Polycarbonate Properties

  • – Excellent weather resistance
  • – Extreme impact strength
  • – Resistant to a wide range of temperatures
  • – Easy to cut, drill and install
  • – Able to withstand a wide range of chemicals
  • Bullet proof – Hygard®

Makrolon Polycarbonate Video – Hygard®

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