Twinny 5/7

Plug & Weld with Twinny T7 or Twinny T5

If you want to weld thin or thick geomembranes (0.5 to 2.5 mm) 20-100 mils quickly, easily and safely, the TWINNY T7 or TWINNY T5 are your go-to automatic welders. Both tools are well-rounded, thanks to their practical design and intuitive operation. The  TWINNY T7 comes equipped with highly-efficient data recording ability thanks to the LQS function, GPS, Wi-Fi and connection to the myLeister app. are guaranteed. Switch on and start welding – TWINNY T7and T5.

  • Digital display for setting and monitoring speed, temperature and air volume

  • Mechanical overload protection

  • Welding speed is almost 50% faster than the TWINNY T

  • Quick: drive speed of 0.8 to 8 meters/minute

  • Powerful: 3300 watts, enabling more heating power

  • Intuitive: easy-to-use display and intuitive user controls

  • Versatile: TWINNY T5 and T7 weld almost all plastic membranes from 0.5 – 2.5 mm or 20-100 mils

  • Dry and clean: the hot air dries moisture in no time at all, while dust and sand are blown away

  • Brushless blower motor: significantly greater air volume

  • Sustainable: TWINNY T5 and T7 are durable and easy to service