Simona HDPE BoatBoard


Simona HDPE BoatBoard: UV & Water Resistant HDPE

Simona BoatBoard HDPE is a premium grade High Density Polyethylene weather proof HDPE used primarily for marine applications. With its superior flatness and low inherent stress, Simona BoatBoard HDPE sets the standard for fabrication ease among weather resistant sheet products for outdoor applications. Proven uses  for Simona HDPE Boatboard include marine components, cabinetry, furniture and other outdoor structures. Available in standard and custom marine colors, this highly UV resistant material has a durable matte finish that cleans easily and looks great long term.

For lighter weight, consider Simona BoatBoard LW, which is a similar material but lighter weight. Its foam core provides a 25% lighter option in applications that don’t need the stiffness and edge finish of solid BoatBoard.

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Simona HDPE BoatBoard Properties

  • UV stabilised for outdoor marine applicaitons
  • High chemical resistance
  • Outstanding processing parameters
  • High strength and rigidity
  • Extremely versatile
  • Some grade approved for contact with food
  • Australian & New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 4020:2005

Simona HDPE BoatBoard Applications

  • Marine Industry
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Home outdoor living cabinetry

Simona Introduction Video

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