Polycarbonate resin

Carbotex® Polycarbonate resin compounds covering a broad range of potential applications

Carbotex® Polycarbonate resin (PC), a tough, transparent synthetic polymer compound with exceptional impact resistance, tensile strength, ductility, dimensional stability, and optical clarity.

Polycarbonate resins range of products distributed by Plastral includes: high flow, colours, UV stabilised, food contact approved, FR, GR, alloys.

Areas of use: drinkware, lighting profiles, injection moulded lighting, protective glazing, building products, power tools and appliances


  • High flow thin wall injection moulding
  • High flow food contact grade – drinkware and other food contact products
  • Blow moulding – baby bottles
  • Glass reinforced – high flexural and tensile strength
  • Flame retardant reinforced and unreinforced
  • Polycarbonate alloys
  • Wear resistant – reinforced and unreinforced
  • Conductive

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