PLEXIGLAS® Sneeze guards and protective screens are helping to stop the spread of the coronavirus, putting health and safety is top priority at the point of sale in retail stores.

Woolworths, Dan Murphy’s and BWS stores across Australia are installing transparent protective screens made from PLEXIGLAS® in an effort to provide further protection to their staff, enforcing social distancing guidelines.   This is a trend seen across the globe from leading retail chains such as Walmart, Kroger, and 7-Eleven USA.

Transparent protective screens made from PLEXIGLAS® can help ensure the required distance between customers and staff without disruption to service, visibility or aesthetics.

  • PLEXIGLAS® infection protection screens combine safety with aesthetics
  • Versatile and suitable for variety of applications where protection is needed
  • Easy to fabricate and work with compared to a glass sneeze guard
  • Easy installation being lighter than a glass sneeze guard
  • Both permanent installation or portable sneeze guards made possible
  • High-quality PLEXIGLAS® acrylic sheet with 30 year guarantee against yellowing

PLEXIGLAS® – one solution for protection against infection

PLEXIGLAS® sneeze guards and protective screens can help protect you and the people around you against SARS-CoV-2 by lowering the risk of infection through airborne droplets. Contact us here to find out more.

All transparent and colourless PLEXIGLAS® variants are suitable for use as a sneeze screen, counter attachment or protective barrier.   You can see the full PLEXIGLAS® range here.

PLEXIGLAS® Protective Screens are Easy to Install

You can simply fix PLEXIGLAS® sheets to a support (eg. wooden or aluminum frame) a wall or the ceiling.  Alternatively, you can build a frameless version yourself.

Tips on processing PLEXIGLAS® are available in PLEXIGLAS® step-by-step guides.

PLEXIGLAS® Infection Guards are Ideal for Wherever Protection is Required

PLEXIGLAS® Infection Guards and Protective Screens are ideal for all areas where strict social distancing between customers and employees is needed.

PLEXIGLAS® sneeze guards, protective screens and counter attachments are also ideal for the catering industry and grocery stores, pharmacies and other shops, and can be beneficial in offices and doctors’ practices.

If you have further inquiries, please contact us directly.