Comet 700

The COMET 700 automatic hot-wedge welding machine from Leister offers everything that civil engineering users want when overlap welding thick and thin geomembranes made of PE, HDPE and LDPE. Thanks to the proven Leister Quality System (LQS), Wi-Fi and GPS, the COMET 700 documents the welding parameters and coordinates, which allows the quality of the weld to be verified. Thanks to LQS, the necessary welding reports are easily created in digital format.

The robust Leister Geo welding machine reaches speeds up to 8 m/min. When welding with the COMET 700, the mains voltage is always shown on the display. The COMET 700 has a digital display that gives an acoustic signal if the welding pressure deviates from the previously defined range. The optimized shape of the heating wedge ensures particularly efficient heat transfer during overlap welding with the COMET 700. The hot wedge is available in two lengths: 60 mm and 90 mm. The 90 mm wedge is primarily optimized for welding thick geomembranes ranging from 1.5 to 3.0 mm. In addition, there are suitable hot wedges made of copper for welding HDPE and LDPE geomembranes, as well as hot wedges made of steel for welding PVC or vinyl. A wide range of hot wedges and accessories, like drive rollers and kits, are also available for the COMET 700. For example, users can choose between drive rollers of different widths made of steel or silicone and with or without a test channel. These are drive rollers that are already used for Leister’s TWINNY T7 and TWINNY T5 geo-welding machines, as well as the predecessor model COMET. The high power-reserves on the COMET 700 ensures high-quality welds even if undervoltage occurs. Thanks to its powerful drive motor, the COMET 700 with the Field kit (standard delivery) welds with ease on even, uneven and/or steep terrain. Thanks to the digital display, parameters like speed, wedge temperature and welding pressure are shown and held constant when welding with this automatic welder from Leister. The COMET 700 is also easy to operate via the intuitive digital display. In addition, the well thought-out positioning of the three handles ensures that Leister’s welding machine is is guided and lifted with ease. The COMET 700 sets a benchmark for overlap welds up to 125 mm, thanks to its electronic equipment and its particularly high heating power. In addition to the COMET 700, Leister also offers the COMET 500. This automatic geo-welding machine is also suitable for overlap welding thick and thin geo-membranes, but has fewer electronic features. In short: At Leister, civil engineering professionals will find the right geo-welding machine for every application and individual requirements; Sealing landfills and mines, constructing aquacultures, sealing foundation, gas barriers, water reservoirs, ponds and canals.

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